• Anglès per a periodistes

    Objectius del curs

    This course is intended to give a practical introduction to the very specific language that is used by modern journalists in the English-language press. As such, it would be suitable for any journalist who is interested in working in English or who wants to be able to follow English-language media. Subjects covered include: how to conduct an interview in English; how to participate in a press conference in English; “journalism” language; talking about the media in English and writing business emails.


    • Talking about yourself professionally
    • How to conduct a successful interview
    • Reading comprehension – understanding English-language news
    • The differences between spoken English, written English and “journalism” English
    • Reported speech in journalism
    • Listening skills applied to journalism
    • Headline writing
    • Business and financial English
    • How to take part in a press conference
    • Getting in touch - making phone calls and writing emails
    • Job interviews


    Classes will be divided between talking, listening and writing skills and will be very hands on, with students expected to contribute at length. Students should be ready to work alone, in a group or in pairs. There will be homework in between classes and students will also be encouraged to work outside of class in a number of different ways, such as reading English-language newspapers. Material will largely come from real-life English-language sources.


    Students should have a level of English that is at least equivalent to First Certificate. All students will have a brief face-to-face interview with the teacher in English before the course begins in order to assess their level of English and their linguistic needs. Interviews will take place in the Col.legi on February 11, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.


    This course is intended for students with a good level of oral and written English. It is best suited for journalists or journalism students, although those working in Public Relations / communications will also find the course of use.