• Extending your English for journalism: producing and selling work

    Objectius del curs

    This course builds upon both English for Journalists and Advanced English for Journalists, giving practical insight into how to pitch story ideas to English-language media: who to sell to, different writing styles / political biases to consider and examining how to build your personal journalistic brand in English. There will also be an emphasis on producing English-language journalism.


    Basics of English-language journalism: an introduction to English-language media outlets, the major differences with Spanish / Catalan journalism.

    What to write: different types of journalism and styles of writing. How the style of journalism differs in English. Students try writing in different styles of English (features, news, delayed drop, reviews, profile, colour piece, TV script etc).

    What to sell: ideas that will sell to English-language media. How to pitch them. Who to pitch them to - what media (including different political bias)? What person (including job titles in English-language media). Pitching your story by phone calls and email.

    What happens next: follow up email. Writing the piece. Editing. Word limits. Following up. Invoicing.

    Building your journalistic brand in English: using social media and blogging to establish your journalistic credentials in English. Talking about your experiences and strengths in English. Attracting media attention.


    The course will consist of two four-hour classes in English. All communication with students will be in English and students will be required to write in English both during and in between classes.


    Participants will need a very good level of both spoken and written English. All students will have a brief face-to-face interview with the teacher in English before the course begins in order to assess their level of English and their linguistic needs. Interviews will take place in the Col·legi on March 6, from 10:30pm to 12:30pm.


    The course is specifically aimed at journalists who want to start working in English. Nevertheless, students who are generally interested in English-language journalism will also benefit.


    Ben Cardew

    Freelance journalist and English teacher. He works regularly for The Guardian, El País, Independent on Sunday, Wired and NME and has taught English in Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. He has a Post-graduate Diploma in journalism from City University in London and a Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults from the Bell School in Norwich.